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[Image: west-texas-sunrise.JPG]

There Has Never Been a Day Like Today!

Realizing the potential of a day, where it can lead, and what one can accomplish if there were no boundaries, no fear, no trepidation about the day, nor what it can and will bring, opens up an entirely new and positive force within our lives that once realized to the fullest potential, literally unlocks the door and the mystery of life in a most pleasing and productive way.

Not long ago, we were taking my granddaughter, Emma, to school early one West Texas morning.  The sunrise was breathtaking.  The sunrises in West Texas I do believe, are the most awe inspiring ones that I have ever seen.  The air is clean here, and except for an occasional dust storm, the weather is always quite perfect.  This reflects itself so beautifully in the sunrises and sunsets.

I shared with Emma a story that I believe can help anyone to lock into the potential of any given day, hour, minute or second that we exist on this planet.  I told her, "Emma, had you ever thought about something?  There has never been a sunrise exactly like this one that we are watching this morning!"  When I realized what I had just said, I too, was a little overwhelmed with the thought of that.  Just imagine being able to be in the presence of something so grand, so beautiful and something that has never ever been seen before!  

Just another sunrise you may say?  Hardly!  That sunrise signifies a new chance, a new beginning, new horizons, new stores to be written and new songs to be sung.  It tells us all that there has never been a day quite like today, and we should absorb each and every beautiful moment of it to the very fullest measure.

Just think.  There has never been a sunrise just like the one starting today in the entire spam of time!
You cannot find stress relief like this in a pill, a bottle or prescribed by a doctor.

Feel better! You deserve it today!

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