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Search Engine Optimization Services
SEO-The Most Misrepresented Term on Google Today!

As usual, the liars, hackers, cheaters, scam artists and other doomsdayers have done an excellent job in ruining the keyword terms called search engine optimization services.  There are literally millions of so called SEO legends and gurus on the web that make exorbitant claims of their prowess on the web, and how they can single handedly gain top rank on Google for any keyword phrase for the low introductory price of $29.95  For those that have fallen for these scams, I say too bad.  Anything too good to be true on the web definitely is, and if you are looking for the quick and cheap answer to making money online from a website, then you have definitely found the wrong place on this forum.

SEO Is...

A consistent day by day effort whereby the search engine optimizer, Butch Hamilton, spends time in researching, analyzing and visualizing the success of the intended keyword term.  Then domains, hosting, website development, blogs, forums, images, press releases and of course, the full implementation of Google tools to successfully round out the search engine optimization campaign for the keywords and phrases of choice.


Fast, effortless, cheap, easy, software, programming, engineering or any of the technical terms that they liar and hacker crowd like to throw into the ring to confuse the reader looking for real search engine optimizing from a qualified and proven search engine optimization master.

Real search engine optimization services is a daily process.  That process includes writing the best keyword specific content and placing that content across the web, including the social media groups.  There are no shortcuts, no quick and easy paths, and definitely NOT millions to be made with no effort!

The Main Elements of Real Time Search Engine Optimization




Creative Original Content

Simplicity of Thinking and Goals 

Developing Niche Marketing Keywords for Projects

There are NO hard and fast rules of real time search engine optimization.  It is all a process that is guided by one thing, and one thing only.  Creative original content writing!

Setup a Consultation Today with Butch Hamilton!

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Butch Hamilton The Writer for Hire

How to Hire Butch Hamilton - The Writer!

Hiring a writer for the express purpose of expressing thoughts, emotions, feelings, conveying ideas, creatively expressing views, opinions and other valuable insights on the behalf of the client is a most important element in the overall success rate of any industry being advertised.

It Is Absolutely True that on Google, Good Content Is King!

There can be no doubt that the original content that one puts forth on blogs, forums, press releases, websites, YouTube videos, Podcasts, Classified Advertising and all forms of digital media will, in fact, raise to a top high traffic keyword position.  If that creative writing is positive, original, keyword specific and highly readable,d the success rate will be even greater for whatever is being promoted.

Butch Hamilton-Author

Since 2004, Butch Hamilton has been in the forward process of creating content for the express purpose of finding and capturing top positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major search engines of the world wide web.  Consistently and progressively writing all original content has always, and will always be his strongest asset as many satisfied, and highly successful clients from the past can attest to.

Writing has always been something much more than a business to Butch Hamilton.


From a very early age, he knew that writing would become an integral part of his existence while on planet Earth.  His total awareness and visualization of the Universe, and how to express those feelings in the written word, as well as on podcasts, websites, press releases and other valuable Internet media, has led him on an incredible journey where he has literally been able to accomplish what few know how to do on the modern day web.

Butch Hamilton Has the Ability to Tap Into the Ebb and Flow of Google.

Without a doubt, tapping into the Internet is what makes Butch Hamilton, and his most distinctive writing style original, thought provoking, and most appealing to those who need assistance in the areas of content writing for the world wide web.

To setup a appointment for a consultation with Butch Hamilton, please use the form provided on this site:

Fill In the Consultation Request Form Here

Policy Procedures and Disclaimer


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