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Article Pricing By Butch Hamilton

Prices Effective As Of December 08, 2017

*Subject to Change*

Reviewing Pricing of Articles on the Web

On the web in 2017, it is a difficult and tedious task to find reliable and trusted information about prices for various writing services..In this industry, there are a number of people that choose to spin articles, use software generators and make extravagant claims.No claims made here.Writing done, work as agreed upon, services rendered to the clients’ satisfaction.Simple, effective and professional.

Butch Hamilton has always maintained the professional code of ethics in business and “over delivers and undercharges” for any and all the valuable services that he has been providing clients since 2004.

Zero Hype...Zero Claims...Zero Drama...Just Results!

Keyword Content
[*]Keyword specific content written on behalf of a paying client will be written in a keyword specific manner.
[*]Keyword writing on the web assures placement of information on the search engines properly.

Excellent Readability
[*]Potential customers and clients need the best information concerning products and services being offered.
[*]Easy to read and understand writing is the standard..

All Original
[*]Original thought, original writing content, original presentation only represents the type of content that reaches readers looking for good information.
[*]No mass reproduced garble here!

When Your Project Needs the Best Content...Setup a Consultation with Butch Hamilton! 

On Completing Assigned Work

Once Arrangements are Made

Butch Hamilton will set out on a writing path that will be laser focused.All work begins as soon as arrangements are satisfied!

Completion Times
[*]Specified Content Completed within One Week
[*]Fully optimized, proofread and ready for publishing!

The Process
[*]Your Requirements
[*]Your requirements for the job at hand will be carefully discussed.All work will receive full attention to preserve the intended goal.
[*]Collaboration between client will be set
[*]Clearcut visions of the intended goals

Payment Submission
[*]Once the discussions have concluded and all is solidified, payment will be made for service.

Cost for initial article submissions
[*]All work requires $135 Deposit.
[*]This price is calculated at the $35 per hour rate.All work prorated at that amount.Stopwatch timer used with screenshot attachments of time spent.

No Refunds After Work is Published!

There can be a total of three revisions made by the client before the article becomes a published work.Publishing of the article can be made through the various network organizations that Butch Hamilton has built at no additional cost to the client.

Once the client hasbeen satisfied and the work in question has been published, refunds of money spent will not be possible.

All work is to be collaborated between client and Butch Hamilton via Google docs.This is an excellent way to make the necessary revisions and have them checked for correctness.


To obtain the best content for any given topic contact Butch Hamilton.The going rate for his exceptional creative writing talent is $35 per hour.All times are recorded via the online stopwatch, and the client will be given a screenshot to verify the time spent in creating the work being paid for.

There is a minimum charge of $135 that will be prorated by Hamilton on behalf of the client when accomplishing the work prescribed.

To obtain writing services by Butch Hamilton, please use the following online resources.

Consultation Scheduling...Payment Processing Will Be Found

Thank You for Your Business!

Butch Hamilton The Writer for Hire

How to Hire Butch Hamilton - The Writer!

Hiring a writer for the express purpose of expressing thoughts, emotions, feelings, conveying ideas, creatively expressing views, opinions and other valuable insights on the behalf of the client is a most important element in the overall success rate of any industry being advertised.

It Is Absolutely True that on Google, Good Content Is King!

There can be no doubt that the original content that one puts forth on blogs, forums, press releases, websites, YouTube videos, Podcasts, Classified Advertising and all forms of digital media will, in fact, raise to a top high traffic keyword position.  If that creative writing is positive, original, keyword specific and highly readable,d the success rate will be even greater for whatever is being promoted.

Butch Hamilton-Author

Since 2004, Butch Hamilton has been in the forward process of creating content for the express purpose of finding and capturing top positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major search engines of the world wide web.  Consistently and progressively writing all original content has always, and will always be his strongest asset as many satisfied, and highly successful clients from the past can attest to.

Writing has always been something much more than a business to Butch Hamilton.


From a very early age, he knew that writing would become an integral part of his existence while on planet Earth.  His total awareness and visualization of the Universe, and how to express those feelings in the written word, as well as on podcasts, websites, press releases and other valuable Internet media, has led him on an incredible journey where he has literally been able to accomplish what few know how to do on the modern day web.

Butch Hamilton Has the Ability to Tap Into the Ebb and Flow of Google.

Without a doubt, tapping into the Internet is what makes Butch Hamilton, and his most distinctive writing style original, thought provoking, and most appealing to those who need assistance in the areas of content writing for the world wide web.

To setup a appointment for a consultation with Butch Hamilton, please use the form provided on this site:

Fill In the Consultation Request Form Here

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