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#Google+ #Feed - Freelance Writer [Flickr]
Freelance Writer [Flickr]

Butch Hamilton posted a photo:

Freelance Writer

What Is a Freelance Writer?

A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a employment agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.

A freelance writer, such as Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire! has been writing professionally for many years, and is quite equipped to deal with the changing trends found on the world wide web. Staying in touch with trends, and being inherently aware and keenly observant to these changes makes Hamilton a cut above in terms of quality freelance writing for paying clients.

The obvious advantages of being a freelance writer is that time freedom is a definite plus. Being able to pick and choose among a client list leads to improved writing skills, and a consistent and never ending honing of good content which the search engine spiders of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major keyword search areas are all about finding, and placing in top searched areas. This is the intent and purpose for the fortunate clients that Butch Hamilton has worked for over the years.

Advantages of Hiring Butch Hamilton-Freelance Writer
More specific original content written for paying clients
Better rank on Google for the website being written about
Increase in traffic, notice and recognition on the search engines
Increased opportunity for sales making from an ecommerce type site
Easing the stress and tension of writing consistently, day by day, which for most is a torturous act
Knowing that even though the owner of a site is not actively promoting the site, hiring Butch Hamilton will mean that the never ending flow of creative content will go out each and every day like clockwork. This one area is essential to the progressive promoting of any site. Most find it difficult, if not totally impossible, to be dedicated to writing about themselves, and their business interest on a daily basis. Butch Hamilton thrives on the art and science of content writing, which makes him among the best of the creative freelance writers found on the world wide web today.
Maintaining a totally professional, ethical and moral standing to each and every creative article posted on behalf of the fortunate client of Butch Hamilton
Freelance writing is a demanding, time intensive labor of love for Butch Hamilton which drives him to write more quality content on the web than most can imagine. Hamilton says this about his unique and unending flow of creativity concerning the art and passion of writing. "For me, writing is, and always has been very natural and easy to accomplish. No matter what the subject material is, I simply tap into the feeling and presence of the words that need to be written about the topic in question, and let the Universe take over from there. Actually, when I am writing content for a client, there is no space, nor time. I am totally focused on getting the right words published and moving on to the next topic of discussion."

Some of the attributes of the Freelance Writer Butch Hamilton are as follows:
Creative-There are few who can match the creative style, thinking, visualization and never ending flow of information like the freelance writing ability of Butch Hamilton
Intuitive-Intuition, reasoning and thought are absolute necessities in the art form of writing. Hamilton is driven by his intuition and knowledge of the actual workings on the internet, and how to serve better, the needs, desires and wants of the client.
Original-Butch Hamilton uses only his own original content, thoughts, feelings, emotions and views concerning his writing for paying clients. All work is creatively sculpted upon his aging desktop computer and monitor. NO automated systems, nor article spinners are ever used. When a client pays for work by Freelance Author Butch Hamilton, they are buying the best original information possible for their business model.
Professional-Hamilton is always utterly professionally motivated and geared to extend that professionalism to each and every piece of written material submitted to the search engines for evaluation and assimilation on the keyword searches of the web.
Laser Focused-Butch Hamilton possesses the laser focused attention that is desperately needed to concentrate fully on one paying client at a time. He is only about providing the best for the best.
Driven by Visualization, Motivation and Perspiration-The art of living through visualization and realization adequately describes the talent and writing ability of Butch Hamilton.
Those qualities of Freelance Writing, and the captivating and very original style, quality and persistence that Butch Hamilton offers each and every paying clients for providing them with the work agreed upon to complete, is rare on the Internet today. Hamilton provides a safe, effective, cost efficient and entirely professional approach to the writing, building, growing and promoting of a business model for the paying client seeking assistance in the area of placing the right words, at the right locations on the world wide web

Why Should You Consider Hiring a Freelance Writer?

The business of growing a business, no matter what that business entails, art, music, goods and services, retail or any worthy cause, the process of creating content is, and will always be the main ingredient for any business concern that will make, or break the concern being promoted. Knowing this, and having worked for powerful people around the globe, Hamilton has seen, and been part of a growing brand of people who believe in the power of the Internet to bring business, financial rewards and stability for them, their employers, and their families. Content, the written word, drives each and every segment of a business concern on the web. There can be no doubt that hiring a professional freelance writer, Butch Hamilton, can, and will mean increased revenue, more time freedom to develop other business interests, and a knowledge that by paying him for his unique writing service, the information is going out, on a consistent basis, day by day, and week by week, for the cost of the freelance writing package agreement. This one aspect clears the mind and thinking of the business owner, and allows more thought and time to be directed towards the actual operation of the business, and not the promoting of said business.

Setup a Consultation with Freelance Writer Butch Hamilton!

Butch Hamilton The Writer for Hire

How to Hire Butch Hamilton - The Writer!

Hiring a writer for the express purpose of expressing thoughts, emotions, feelings, conveying ideas, creatively expressing views, opinions and other valuable insights on the behalf of the client is a most important element in the overall success rate of any industry being advertised.

It Is Absolutely True that on Google, Good Content Is King!

There can be no doubt that the original content that one puts forth on blogs, forums, press releases, websites, YouTube videos, Podcasts, Classified Advertising and all forms of digital media will, in fact, raise to a top high traffic keyword position.  If that creative writing is positive, original, keyword specific and highly readable,d the success rate will be even greater for whatever is being promoted.

Butch Hamilton-Author

Since 2004, Butch Hamilton has been in the forward process of creating content for the express purpose of finding and capturing top positions on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and the other major search engines of the world wide web.  Consistently and progressively writing all original content has always, and will always be his strongest asset as many satisfied, and highly successful clients from the past can attest to.

Writing has always been something much more than a business to Butch Hamilton.


From a very early age, he knew that writing would become an integral part of his existence while on planet Earth.  His total awareness and visualization of the Universe, and how to express those feelings in the written word, as well as on podcasts, websites, press releases and other valuable Internet media, has led him on an incredible journey where he has literally been able to accomplish what few know how to do on the modern day web.

Butch Hamilton Has the Ability to Tap Into the Ebb and Flow of Google.

Without a doubt, tapping into the Internet is what makes Butch Hamilton, and his most distinctive writing style original, thought provoking, and most appealing to those who need assistance in the areas of content writing for the world wide web.

To setup a appointment for a consultation with Butch Hamilton, please use the form provided on this site:

Fill In the Consultation Request Form Here

Policy Procedures and Disclaimer


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