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Empathy - Ashutosh Sharma - 01-12-2018

In the sea of empathy,
I have seen some boats for sympathy.

It’s not something we should ask,
but if you see someone just give as it’s your own task.

Everyone has their own waves,
don’t make it sound like your own rave.

The art is always about giving,
don’t count anything on what you’re receiving.

Likewise the sea there are so vast emotions,
let’s make it a handle in different motions.

Be the lighthouse and show the path,
simply without any narrow wrath.

Look at the sky and see what you feel,
Under the same roof become that heal.

The journey is just not to go so far,
but let’s end it as there’s no such war.

Empathy is the new language of love,
simply like that peaceful dove.

RE: Empathy - Wildcat SEO Master - 01-12-2018

More excellent work from a most talented writer and poet. Thanks for your words this morning.