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The Internet Archive-http://archive.org - Wildcat SEO Master - 01-11-2018

[Image: 38159110775_ebdc71c9c8_b.jpg]The Internet Archive by Butch Hamilton, on Flickr

The ongoing saga continues on the behavior of Archive.org and the non-reinstatement of my account, which I have operated for a very long time on the web.  I have been doing a lot of research and evaluation about Archive.org, and about Brewster Kale, the supposed head of this organization.

The information which I share here is all fact based, all thoroughly researched and proven.  The findings that I am revealing here, should cause any and all readers with a natural curiosity about how the Internet works, to stand and take notice!

Click the above image to be taken to Flickr and learn more about my findings concerning Archive.org

Brewster, give me back my account!

RE: The Internet Archive-http://archive.org - Wildcat SEO Master - 01-11-2018

The continuing saga of Archive.org seems to be steeped in misconceptions about who they are, and what they are really all about.  Since Brewster Kale wanted 2 Million dollars, I am beginning to believe that it is like everything else in the world, all about making money.  While they portray themselves as some type of modern day martyr, and only here for the good of the world wide web, the trash that this website hosts is nothing short of amazing.

The comment trash, and lock out good content like mine.  It would seem that things are NOT as they seem to be at Archive.org

RE: The Internet Archive-http://archive.org - Wildcat SEO Master - 01-12-2018

As an ongoing service for Brewster Kale and internet Archive http://archive.org I will be awaiting their emails about needing revenue. I will be posting this here.