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You have found this site out on the world wide web because of a keyword, or keyword phrase of some kind that deals directly with the art and science of search engine optimization. What this means is that I am in the business of assisting people, just like you, who have a dream and a vision of what they wish to accomplish with a website on the world wide web in 2018. This could mean that you wish to make money online, you wish to gain new subscribers and members for an organization, or perhaps you have a worthy cause in which you feel that you need to tell others about. No matter the cause, search engine optimization services can assist you, and this is what I am here to provide for a price, of course.

This is a very unique site on the web. It is highly functional, usable, readable, and will always carry the same message of reliable, trusted and most efficient information concerning all areas of search engine optimization, online advertising and all of the aspects that surround that most timely of all the arts on the web. There will never be seen here, misrepresentations of any kind. All of the information here come with time tested authority that comes from years of experience from Butch Hamilton, in all areas of search engine optimization services.

This is a very content rich site. It will take time to browse, read and absorb all of the vast information, knowledge and expertise that I have put together for the readers on the web on the subject of SEO. You see, search engine optimizing may be my business, but in fact, real time SEO is in my blood and has been for a very long time. it is my destiny to be here, supplying paying clients with assistance in getting their information to the top of specific keywords and phrases, and letting others find that information and want to know more about what they are offering. This is the ultimate goal of real time SEO. To have people come and take an interest in what you are providing to them.

Hire Butch Hamilton for Your Search Engine Optimization Campaign!

I am available, on a very limited basis, to handle all of your online promotion needs. From domains and hosting, to blogging, press release writing, video creation, podcasting and image production, I handle all phases of Internet promotion using all of the available tools found on Google, and the social media groups.

I keep my client base small. In that way, I am able to perform laser like procedures on the search engines in terms of writing the best original content found anywhere, and at any price. No one offers the level of first class customer support and service like Butch Hamilton!

Setup a Consultation with Butch Hamilton Here

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Search Engine Optimization Service

Search Engine Optimization Service is an all inclusive system whereby the client pays the search engine optimizer, Butch Hamilton, to handle all of the details concerning the setup, implementation and development of the domain name, using the best content, the best hosting and continuous content written in the form of blogs, forums, videos, podcasts, images and the setup and use of all Google tools including slides, forms, websites, blogs, forums, press releases and other forms of digital media which lead to the desired result of top positions on the search engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and all the other major searched keyword areas on the Internet where people go to find the best information about products, services and information that they find interest in knowing more about.

The Main Issue with the Term SEO

People who desire having a website, and need to have a creative profile be a representations of both themselves, and their business interest, may find it difficult to read and discern between legitimate search engine optimizers, and those who seek only to remove hard earned money from the pockets of the unwary and uneducated on the web. When seeking a true search engine optimization firm, it is important to look for quality, reliability, time tested performance and a willingness to place YOUR business interest before all others.

WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM, the revised site owned and operated by The Wildcat SEO Master, is being seen by many as the standard for excellence in pursuing top ranked Google positions for websites, keywords and ad content. Since 2004, the steady flow of excellent information for all types of clients, all types of keywords and for all types of notable and worthy causes, has been the ongoing success story for this highly unique, talented, driven and creative individual. Keyword specific writing is his passion, and notably, no one working in the search engine optimizing industry in 2017 can match the uncanny talent, integrity, ambition and willingness to lead, rather than follow, in the online advertising game found on the search engines of Google, Yahoo, Bing and all of the other major players of the search engine world.

Living unlike any other today, The Wildcat SEO Master uses search engine optimizing as his chosen way of living. Being ever aware of the constant ebb and flow of information on Google, he is able to tap into that flow, like no other has been able to accomplish. In a recent interview with this legendary SEO Master, we asked why he, above all others, approaches SEO from another aspect entirely different from the mainstream of search engine optimizing rhetoric found on Google today. He answered the question in this manner. "I do not look at life, nor Google like others do. I look at them both from a more esoteric, a more subtle and inspirational way than most people do. I am able to take that type of thinking, and apply simple, and very direct search engine optimization keyword specific writing techniques, and place that information live on the web for others to read, respond to and enjoy. I am not about facts, figures, software and all the other usual elements found in so called successful search engine optimization systems. I am all about esoteric SEO, and yes, this will be a strong niche marketing keyword term in the future, for all of my distinguished clients. I am very pleased that I do not operate like my search engine optimization competition chooses to do. I do not use spam emails. I do not offer to get you good Google ranks for pennies per day. I do not make promises of any kind. What I do say about all that is this. When you are looking for someone who has withstood the test of time, done everything that there is to do online, and still is thriving and prospering from that kind of work ethic, then The Wildcat SEO Master is the one to hire for your advertising campaign."

Simple, direct, straight to the point and very competent in the art and science of using original keyword specific content within websites, blogs, forums, videos, podcast and social media organizations that can, over time, make the decided difference between success, and failure of a creative business profile on Google in 2017.

A full line website design and development company from domains and hosting, website creation and development, niche marketing keyword utilization, most powerful advertising systems, incredible social media organizations, email marketing creation and formulation and all services directly related to building and growing successful business models on Google today, WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM sets the standard of excellence in 2017 for online advertising services.

Clients Only Accepted on a Very Limited Basis. Click Here for a Consultation

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SEO Services
SEO, search engine optimization, is a broad, and often misinterpreted keyword phrase on Google that simply states the process of advertising online for particular keywords and keyword phrases that lead to the eventual desired information finding its way naturally into the organic search positions where people are typing in on Google, where to find the content that they are seeking to answer their questions adequately. SEO is a specialized art form not to associated in any way with software, programming or other digital interests that many find it to be about. Pure and actual search engine optimization is a step by step and a day by day process that leads to people finding information on the search engines that they require to conduct the actitivities that they are seeking to pursue.
4 6 The Simplicity of Search ...
01-03-2018, 04:22 PM
by Wildcat SEO Master
SEO Resources (1 user browsing)
SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Obtaining Top Positions on Google for a Website and all other related terms, topics, observations, newsworthy articles and timely tokens will be added within this section. Agree, disagree its all ok here at Writing Service!
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by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!

Writing Service

Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!

Providing clients with the best original content for websites, blogs, forums, videos, images, press releases, classified ads and helping them create positive profiles on Google. The Writing Service section helps to show some articles, commentaries, blog post, press releases and various forms of written media Butch Hamilton has written for the furthering pursuit of his own career, as well as for others.

All of the information here is creatively expressed with the intent and purpose of gaining a top keyword position on the world wide web of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and the other major searches of the web. They will also draw interest from the bots like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Tumblr and others.

The main thing to consider when coming to the world wide web with a worthy cause is this. The quality of the content written about the product, service or cause is precisely what is required so that the search engine spiders of the Internet will place your content before actual readers on prime keyword positions. This is what is called search engine optimizing. It is not software, programming or any of the usual clutter that is seen on the web about effective promoting online. Content, the quality of that content, the ability that the content has to attract visitors and interest, is precisely what should be considered when marketing, advertising and creating a positive profile on the web.

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Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire! (2 users browsing)
Content writing service for those seeking the best in original keyword specific information written for their particular interest on the world wide web.
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by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
The Freelancer
Butch Hamilton-Freelancer for Hire! Dedicated, driven, ambitious and ready to go to work for those requiring the best in content writing that money can buy!
Sub Forums: Butch Hamilton-Freelancer for Hire!, Sitemap, and 3 more.
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11-26-2017, 10:35 AM
by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
This sitemap for WILDCATSEOSERVICE.COM is intended to provide our visitors with a convenient way to see all that we are currently working on in the background on the web.
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by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
Consultation with Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
Setup a consultation with Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire! to discuss your goals, dreams, ambitions and what you want to accomplish on the world wide web in 2017!
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Freelance Writer for Hire
A freelancer or freelance worker is a term commonly used for a person who is self-employed and is not necessarily committed to a particular employer long-term. Freelance workers are sometimes represented by a company or a employment agency that resells freelance labor to clients; others work independently or use professional associations or websites to get work.
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Butch Hamilton-Freelancer for Hire!, Freelance Writer for Hire Google+
2 3 Freelance Writer for Hire
11-24-2017, 11:35 PM
by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
Creative Writing Articles
Creative writing is the art behind everything that is included within the writing service realm being offered by Butch Hamilton. The creative mindset, and the unique and positive way of approaching writing, as well as living, has led to some most interesting perspectives along the way. Those visualizations about life, living and all aspects of being within this Universe will be covered in this section.
5 6 How to Get Traffic to a W...
11-30-2017, 09:26 PM
by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
The Writer
The Writer is a new CMS used by Butch Hamilton. This design, function and all that is included within is perfect for the job of hosting great article content.
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8 hours ago
by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
Lost Art of Content Writing
It is this author's opinion that creative original content writing has and is suffering greatly on the world wide web in 2018. Its time to actively fight against the trend of posting irrelevant dribble, and get back to excellence in creative content writing.
1 1 The Lost Art of Content W...
01-05-2018, 09:04 PM
by Wildcat SEO Master

Press Releases

How to Write a Press Release?

So, how to write a press release? That's a million dollar question. If done right, it can indeed bring you a million dollars in revenue. Let's get started by answering what a press release is.

"A press release is simply a statement prepared for distribution to the news media announcing something claimed as having news value with the intent of gaining media coverage."

A press release consists of following elements:


The headline is the first single line of text in the press release and tells what the press release is about. It can be a very effective tool to grab the attention of the journalists, so writing it from a journalists perspective is very important. Think what headlines catch your eyes in the newspaper.

The headline should be descriptive and state the keyword intention to the search engine spiders. This is very important in the overall SEO process.

The headline should be formatted in title case, that is, each word in the sentence should have first letter capitalized, and rest of the letters in lowercase. Acronyms can be in uppercase.


The summary lets you build up your chance to sell your press release to the journalist. It is generally a requirement of online press release services. Identify a unique feature about your product or service and then write how it is going to revolutionize the world. The summary should be a single paragraph with about three to five lines. The summary should be a single paragraph with about three to five lines. All sentences in the summary should be in sentence case, that is, only first letter of a sentence should be capital, and all others should be lowercase. Again, acronyms can be all capital letters.


The body of the effective professional press release is where it all comes together in a harmonious blending of excellent keyword specific content, wrapped around the readability designed for readers on the web who are seeking particular types of most trusted information in which they can real, rely upon and possibly take some sort of action. Another good example of a press release system that receives excellent notoriety and presence on the web is Wildcat SEO News. Here, consistently well written press releases are posted with the intent and purpose of gaining a top keyword position on the web.


The dateline contains the release date of the press release and usually also the originating city of the press release. This simply provides an areas of credibility to the professional press release, and is considered a standard in the industry.


The introduction is where the press release body starts. It is the first paragraph in a press release, that generally gives basic answers to the questions of who, what, when, where and why.


The details come after the introduction. It gives further explanation, statistics, background, or other details relevant to the newsand also serves to back up whatever claims were made in the introductory paragraph. The details found within a professional press release simply offer additional insights and observations about the subject of the press release, and adds further readability and comprehension for the reader. All text written within a press release should be geared towards the reader. Trying to impress people with large words, and complicated text, simply means an early exit and nothing seen.


The about section is also called the "boilerplate" as it used over and over again. It is generally a short section providing background information on the press release issuing company or organization. The quality of the content within the boilerplate can sometimes be the deciding factor on whether the reader plans to take positive action, and actually click the links that lead to additonal properties being discussed, or rather, leaves disgusted and bewildered at the attempt to read and comprehend the text.

Media Contact Information

This section contains the contact information like name, phone number, email address, mailing address, etc for the media relations contact person. For good credibility, the email address should be the same as the organization the press release is about. For example, if the press release is about an organization with a website called abcd.com, then the email address should be press [@] wildcatseoservice.com

Please take time to view a few of the professional press releases written exclusively by Butch Hamilton. These will give the reader a fair and unbiased representation of the quality of creative content that they can expect when hiring search engine optimized services.

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The Press Releases of Butch Hamilton - Writer for Hire! (1 user browsing)
Here are a few of the professional press releases written exclusively by Butch Hamilton.
Sub Forums: Butch Hamilton on PRLOG.ORG, Wildcat SEO News, and 1 more.
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by Wildcat SEO Master

Ebooks for Sale!

We will be offering a broad selection of Ebooks for sale on the Writing Service (http://wildcatseoservice.com). These quality Ebooks will be available for immediate downloading. Support your new and rising star authors by buying Ebooks!

With the New Year of 2018 upon us, I have plans to introduce some exciting new ebooks to this lineup as well. All will deal directly with my years of experience, knowledge, intuition and fortitude in marketing business models on the world wide web of Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu, Yandex and all the other major keyword search engines where people go to find great information about topics of interest.

My years of experience have taught many great lessons that all can use to their distinct advantage. Hopefully, I can introduce my new ebook line in the very near future, and of course will be available for a very reasonable price. I do believe that anyone who actively pursues a career on the web can benefit by purchasing these unique and thought inspired ebooks.

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Ebooks for Sale!
Please support your new and rising star authors. Buying Ebooks from them helps to feed their families and keep their rare and special talents going!
3 5 Jack Shea-Truth Seeker
12-05-2017, 05:14 AM
by Jack Shea

Social Media

Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter

To say that I am a fan of social media would be a gross misuse of the term. As a matter of fact, some of the social medial organizations like Facebook, I find to be the least desirable place for me to spend any time at all. I have no time for 2 billion users ranting on and putting together sayings from famous people to show their talent and expertise to all of their friends and family. I find that Facebook teaches nothing, offers little and is a waste of time. While it may have made the owner a lot of money, as for myself, I will stick to keywords, ad content and links as my mainstay, and stay away from the relationship crowds on Facebook.

LinkedIn comes a real close second to Facebook in being a waste of time as well. At first, one may tend to view LinkedIn as mostly a business and professional site. This is true, but if you watch the wall closely, the same trash as is seen on Facebook makes its way to the forefront with regularity. Another negative about LinkedIn is the fact that it offers nothing on the search engines. You have to be a member of LinkedIn and logged in, to even see the information. For a search engine optimizer like myself, this is of little use on the web for anything, and especially time and energy spent, in developing a marketing plan.

Google+, for my intent and purpose in search engine optimizing is one of the best social medias to pursue. Like all of the Google tools, using them to promote on the web makes sense. You use Google tools to promote on Google, and this is a given. I have had many heated discussions with others on this topic, but in reality, you cannot ever win without Google on your side on the web. Use all of the Google tools, and it is a miracle that your work will be spread far and wide across the web in the right fashion. For my use, Google+ is the best social media for exposure on the web, ease of use, and great content management.

Twitter-Twitter is another of my all time favorite of all of the social media groups. Twitter constantly challenges us to use 140 characters to say what we want to say. Since words are my living, Twitter is the perfect choice, and challenge for me to use. Powerful on the search engines, continually challenging and excellent tools to use, all in all, Twitter has my vote for the best social media organization to be part of.

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Butch Hamilton on LinkedIn
Come and take part in the powerful social networking system of LinkedIn. My full profile can provide additional insights into the writing services I provide to paying clients.
- -
Google+ (1 user browsing)
Google+ Social Network of Butch Hamilton-Freelance Writer for Hire! Insights, views, opinions and thoughts concerning all aspects of content writing on the world wide web in 2017.
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by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
@butchhamiltons-Twitter Feeds
Ideas concerning all aspects of the power of writing courtesy of Butch Hamilton-Freelance Author for Hire!
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54 minutes ago
by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!
Social Media Examiner
Social Media Examiner is a comprehensive look inside the real world of social media marketing. Views, news, systems, opinions and a variety of timely and thought provoking articles concerning all phases of social media marketing, and some quite unexpected comments on the timely topic as well. Always something of interest for the readers on Writing Service! by Butch Hamilton!
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by Butch Hamilton-Writer for Hire!

Writing for the Heart and Soul
Writing for the Heart and Soul will be a new category where all types of emotions, feelings, perspectives, inspirations, quotes and other valuable thoughts will be shared on the world wide web.
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Writing for the Heart and Soul
Writing for the Heart and Soul will be a new category where all types of emotions, feelings, perspectives, inspirations, quotes and other valuable thoughts will be shared on the world wide web.
18 23 Love
Today, 12:02 AM
by Ashutosh Sharma

Internet Tales and Tips
The Good, The Bad and The Ugly about the world wide web!
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Internet Tales and Tips
From long ago, there comes a rebirth of a popular, thought provoking and relevant website for today's world wide web of deceit!
2 6 The Internet Archive-http...
01-12-2018, 09:44 AM
by Wildcat SEO Master

Dubai Hotels

Dubai Hotels

The largest and most populous city in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It is located on the southeast coast of the Persian Gulf and is the capital of the Emirate of Dubai, one of the seven emirates that make up the country. Abu Dhabi and Dubai are the only two emirates to have veto power over critical matters of national importance in the country's Federal Supreme Council. The city of Dubai is located on the emirate's northern coastline and heads the Dubai-Sharjah-Ajman metropolitan area. Dubai will host World Expo 2020.

Abu Dhabi and Dubai plan tourism ventures to attract more visitors For Dr Dahli Aspillera, a seasoned traveller, Dubai has been a revelation. "The Middle East was the remotest place in my travel itinerary," said Dr Aspillera, a professor and diplomat's wife who has been to more than 40 countries.

Dubai: For Dr Dahli Aspillera, a seasoned traveller, Dubai has been a revelation. "The Middle East was the remotest place in my travel itinerary," said Dr Aspillera, a professor and diplomat's wife who has been to more than 40 countries.

The city is not resting on its laurels though, launching extensive promotions to stay on the radar screen of globe-trotters, said Mohammad Abdul Mannan, spokesperson for the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing (DTCM). "We take into account the competition's activity. When we see a growth potential, we go all out to grab the opportunity," he said. Meanwhile, Abu Dhabi has unveiled a series of major projects designed to attract more visitors. The capital has earmarked $1 billion annually for the next decade for tourism-related ventures. Abu Dhabi's pitch to woo more tourists includes a new international airport, to be completed within five years, to handle 20 million passengers a year.


DTCM estimates Dubai's visitor traffic will hit three times that figure or about 60 million by 2010 after the present $4-billion airport expansion and the new Jebel Ali Airport are completed. Abu Dhabi could compete on the cost front, however. Room rates in Dubai hotels soar sharply, especially during festivals and other major events. By 2010, private investors plan to build another 40 hotels and resorts in Abu Dhabi, although this will not match Dubai's activity with more than 120 hotels in different stages of construction, according to research by The Consulting House.

Dubai already enjoys the world's highest hotel occupancy rate. From 167 hotels with 9,383 rooms in 1993, the number shot up to 272 hotels and more than doubled the number of rooms to 23,170 in 2002. Last year, almost all the 28,999 available rooms were booked due to the massive rise in visitor arrivals.

Abu Dhabi, by comparison, has about 8,000 hotel rooms and much lower occupancy rates.

However, Abu Dhabi has 200 natural islands. Bani Yas Island, for example, has become a magnet for nature lovers as it has been converted into a natural habitat for thousands of Arabian gazelles and oryxes, which were once endangered species.

Recently, the government opened the other island to private developers. The chairman of the Abu Dhabi Tourism Authority (ADTA), Shaikh Sultan Bin Tahnoon Al Nahyan, says tourism is helping the emirate diversify its economy away from oil.

Luxury First

No matter the reason for travelling, or coming to the wonderful scenery and spectacular city of modern romance known as Dubai, luxury is, and will always be the norm, rather than the exception. On the website before you, there will be reviews, views, hotels, links and insider information posted all about Dubai Hotels in an effort to further the great reputation and ongoing services found in this Arabian paradise. Do take time to explore the links provided and surely, there will be a surprise of great magnitude at the end of each and every beautifully written post.

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Luxury Hotels of Dubai

Dubai Luxury Hotels

When entering the amazing city by The Persian Gulf called Dubai, one is greeted with a skyline of the most plush, extraordinary, sensuous and appealing views that can be witnessed by mere mortals in this lifetime. there has been no expense spared in the creation of wonder, relaxation, enjoyment and delights for the senses, the palate and the very soul of the iindividual.

Please do take time, dear and most treasured reader, to view all of the information, links and services that will be made available over the course of time by the most gracious authors of our forums. All of the information, links and services listed will be seen as having excellent content, rewarding and most beautiful images, and of course, the safest of links to click and view.

Please do take note of the most wonderful stone sculptures that are offered upon both sites for sale. I am sacrificing myself daily in the pursuit of my chosen art forms, and I do require financial assistance in order to continue my chosen path.

76 83 #Dubai #Hotels #Updates -...
54 minutes ago
by Michael Moyowachena

This Website Is For Sale!

Revolutionary Approach to Marketing on Google!

New innovation in marketing from Butch Hamilton, The Wildcat SEO Master. Now, it will be possible for someone involved in a business on the world wide web, to purchase an existing keyword specific website that is already gathering traffic, leads and interest for a particular keyword, or keyword phrase.

There has never been anything like this seen on the web to date. Butch Hamilton is always revolutionary in his thinking and visualization concerning marketing and advertising on the web.

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Buy Your Keyword Specific Website!

Purchase Fully Functioning Websites on Google!

Butch Hamilton, The Wildcat SEO Master, is always innovating new and specific ideas in marketing, advertising and growing a business on the world wide web most efficiently. With the new This Websiite is For Sale! plan, anyone can bid on an effective keyword specific website that is already in constant motion on Google, Yahoo, Bing, Baidu and Yandex, and is gathering traffic, visitors and notoriety for those keywords.

This innovation put into motion by Butch Hamilton provides the business, organization, worthy cause or profile to come, bid, purchase and begin enjoying traffic and notice instantly. For a yearly charge, Hamilton will also maintain the website in good order and tailor the site specifically to the purchasers needs.

4 5 This Website Is For Sale!
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by Wildcat SEO Master

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